who am i? neti..neti


Name: Inchiki

Occupation: Inknoun poet and husband to the letter

Random trivia: The 19th century poet and writer Alaric Alexander Watts also shares my birthday 16 March.

Alex Watt, KOLN 1998
Köln, 1997 - travelling days

bio (sort of):
You want details? I am alexander j watt and was born 46.11258238524247 years ago. i tend to use the pseudonym 'inchiki'. i used to travel a lot but for now i am living on the farm where i grew up, in New South Wales, Australia, with my young family.

my poetry
I seem to have always been writing poems. what i have started doing more recently is separating out the chaff. what is on this site is, i hope, mostly not chaff. I once said my poems were short succinct expressions of truth or fantasy as perceived by the brain in a fleeting moment of pure perception. I was younger then. But what remains true is that by publishing poems I think I want to transmit a germ of something contagious, like laughter is contagious. I suppose a lot of what i write hovers between the avant-garde and the traditional. i feel like a lot of different poets are trapped in this body and they all have completely different reasons for writing; sometimes they collaborate.

about this site
Apart from the Plog, where i nod to the 21st century, this website has all been lovingly hand crafted by me in html/php with a bit of java and css here and there. this explains the low-fi retro web 1.0 interface which you are enjoying.

email: -- please put 'poem' in the title for easy recognition. You can also contact me through the wardrobe.